Certification Applications and Forms

Common documents needed for producers:

  • Farm Organic System Plan– for new farmers, an overview of the entire farm operation
  • Farm Organic System Plan Annual Update – an annual update of the farm
  • Field Management Summary – a summary of the fields in the past 3 years to ensure compliance to the Canada Organic Regime
  • Organic Seed Search – a search for organic seed, need at least two names
  • Non GE and Untreated Seed Affidavit – needed for use of any non-organic seed
  • Prior Land Use Affidavit – needed to add any land to an organic operation
  • Input Review Request Form – any inputs used in organic production must be approved by TCO Cert

The documents below automatically download and you must “Save” the document. In order to fill out the Microsoft Word and Excel documents you must “Enable Editing” (or go to View then “Edit Document”) after it the document has been saved.