Job Posting: Verification Officers (Inspectors) in Western Canada

TCO Cert is a nonprofit, member-owned, chapter based Canadian Certifying Body (CB) dedicated to providing the highest quality organic certification services. Verification Officers (also called Inspectors) are trained to conduct organic inspections and provide information for TCO Cert to make decisions as to the compliance to the Canada Organic Regime. The majority of inspections are conducted during the growing season, between May and September of each year.

Job Details:

  • Conduct on-site inspections of organic operations
  • Observe the operation, including physical locations of production and storage areas\
  • Conduct an audit of the operation’s paper trail
  • Report the observations in an inspection report


  • Training from the International Organic Inspectors Association is preferred.
  • However, due to IOIA having limited trainings in Western Canada, TCO Cert has developed a comprehensive training program, including an in-person workshop, mentor inspections, and close supervision during the inspection season. The training starts at the end of April and continues throughout the season.

There will be an optional online webinar “Introduction to Organic Inspecting with TCO Cert” at the end of February.

Please complete the following application form and send a resume and cover letter to the Inspection Services Manager, Crystal Clarke, at